Combinatorial Creativty + GPT3


The ability to define purpose in one’s life influences their decision to direct time, effort, and resources in acquiring the knowledge and specialized set of skills needed for one’s success in that purpose. A teche, a fluency, an ability to be so great at something; a craft, that it is intrinsic to you and indistinguishable from magic to others. The first step is identify one’s passion, intrinsic advantages, and definite goal. The passion will lead to persistence, which is the main determinant of success in the goal. It is a cognitive effort to set in motion an act of beneficial habits, to autosuggest and program a mindset. A combination of learn knowledge and activity knowledge habit that lead to the acquisition of scarce physical and intellectual assets. Finding these synergies create separation in a particular pursuit or venture. The bounty from this separation is now magnified by the scale and cost effectiveness of digital production channels leveraging the internet. In understanding that which will have the most profound positive and negative impacts on one’s pursuit, one can establish philosophies that augment one’s ability in the attainment of purpose; and substitute those for that which will not.


What value do your assets add to the other side of the table? Is the value brought to your life, the same value you bring to the other party? Is your contribution a burden? Creating a Balanced Path When purchasing a cup of coffee from the corner coffee shop, the owner does not need to carry the extreme burden of the transaction, the bank does. When both sides of the trade do not carry the burden of their action, there will be a conflict of interests over value, creating a very large middleman between them. Without the middleman, what does it mean to live in the digital age where there is a better idea, a better cup of coffee, a better taxi service, that will cost you less, be of higher quality, and delivered on demand? Where the delivery mechanism will eliminate all the overhead of picking up the product, doing the delivery, packaging, dealing with defective units and obsolescence, etc. What about the modern society when people are working on getting that cup of coffee to the client, or providing any other service on demand. Working to accumulate that value is very costly. Having to pay to live within society and provide services is extremely costly. What does it mean to live in an age where we’re carrying a burden of living within society, purchasing from others, carrying debt, paying for insurance, and all the other costs of this reality, to acquire the luxury of doing these things that we need to live. This is really something to think about, especially when considering those who have disabilities and need others to do these things for them; from day to day, they are not able to do it for themselves. This happens across the board, because there are different channels of trade and supply, and the different product owners and suppliers are all looking out for their own interests. In a capitalistic society the pure competitive marketplace forces the individual and the collective into individualism, separate from the basic animal nature of groups, tribes, and civilizations. Without the ability to leverage the economies of scale and value proposition of the internet, the costs to provide a certain level of society services will remain very high, or the quality will diminish, or both. In understanding the disruptive digital channels of trade, one can completely disrupt an industry. If your competition is putting their financial interests into a traditional brick and mortar location and have employees, but you can get the same quality of product delivered to your door without the physical space, you can do better at a lower cost. This is disruptive, because it eliminates the need for a large distribution center, the physical retail space, and the overhead of employees. These are all additional costs associated with service delivery. If you could do the same thing without paying for the overhead, you are able to provide the service at a better price or at a higher quality, which is more value.