Notes from Lex Episode with Bach

We are all characters of a novel in a multi media system.

The story updates with reactions of the system
We live in this model.

In the perceptual language.

Robot tells a story about itself playing soccer

High level abstraction
Model can predict

Consciousness is a monkey riding an elephant

PyTorch ML


Major leap that a machine can dream.

Make a representation.

We exist inside the story.
We experience things.
The brain writes in "this is real".

Can you look at the world and recognize its machine opaque representation.

Stateset is my business that is growing rapidly. We create a unified model that makes sense of everything that can be relationy mapped.

Engineering Consciousness

Perceptual system to predict and leverage the current state of the system to predict.

Set of relationships.

Perceive and tuned with accuracy prediction and perceive.

Build a network of relationship among all variants with constraints.

Contradiction that needs resolution… where model converges.

Simulation and Accomadation.

Minimize the contradictions in state.

We want to reduce uncertainty and minimize contradiction and assign value to certain tasks or goals… what should we be looking at… then how can we apply our resources in the most effective means.

Which constraint violations exist.

Motivational agent that is cybernetic.

We maximize based on the expected reward.

Lower level implemented cybernetic feedback loops.

Perceptual system works with our way if eliminating if then else thereby creating the shortest and most intelligent program. The shorter the better after looking at all of the data selectively in vector space.

Maximize reward.

Consciousness is the control model.

Create coherence, predict the future, indexing memories is consciousness.

Indexing of memories and the reinforcement system. Purpose of Consciousness is conductor in an orchestra.


Bring new layers of models.

Higher level Consciousness.

The Consciousness of others.

Understand the nature of our agency.

Induce lucid dream states.

We can explore different states.

Expansion of the mind.

We are able to abstract.

Learn something about the brain representing geometry.

Generating new perspectives.


Data augmentation that produces states that are interesting.

efficiently, psychedelics, everything is clear, obvious, discovered a useful connection.

Complexity of language.