Software Business

Notes on SaaS

15-20% growth Month over Month

Product Hook

Single Txn, Atomic Unit if the Product

Consumer Hook

Google Search Bar

Repeat Transaction - Response

Graduate users up to Complexity

Twitter - what are you doing?

Yammer - what are you working on?

SaaS customers want to engage, race to completeness

Dashboard - Complete Offering
Comprehensive Enough

Magic and Design that matters

Consumer and Enterprise

Moved to the Cloud

Consuner growth Tactics

Make enterprise software go viral

All software delivered via the cloud.

Whats your MRR, ARR, CAC, Churn

Compare the metrics.

SaaS is tracked.

Team or Company
Individual Products | 5-10%

B2B subscriptions keep adding coworkers

Net expansion, more seats sold.

Subscriber base keeps compounding.

Open Phone from Individual to Team

Team members use the product

Collaboration within the product

Seat expansion. More expansion.

B2B SaaS Business

Burn Multiple - metric to define net burn over your net new arr over a quarter or year
Burn as a unit of net new ARR

Total Capital Raised over ARR

Make sure and see how the growth is.

Early product development.

Cut the price and sell more copies

Insight around perfect gross markets

Provisioning of new copies is very easy.

80-90% margins

Physical world product real cogs

Supply Chain

Dependency on Humans doing the work.

Economics of the Business

Incentives Work

Scale Sales Team

Sales Persons job is to close ARR

CSM Would be involved

Job is to enforce good selling

Product Tour


Your Product is your Resume

Original Product Demo

Product needs to be really Great.

Click Up.

Scratch Pad.

Above 50-100 employees

Founders saying what to do and what to build.

Product Team
Sales Team
Engineering Team
Marketing Team

Cadence -

product development with a quarterly release calendar.

package big releases that is communicated quarterly. Marketing event on a quarterly base.

Product generates the news for Marketing. LAUNCH events.

Sales and Finance System - Quarterly Plan

Should map to company Fiscal Quarter

Sales has a number on whether we hit the number of not.

Middle of Every Quarter Launch EVENT.

End of every Fiscal Quarter Sales.

LAUNCH event.

Start small with a one day or two hour event.

Keynote and demos.

Customer panels, testimony, prospects will hear them sell the product as well. Partnership announcements.

Combine the Announcement.

Just launched the App.

External Dependency - built your app on someone else's platform. When the underlying platform decides to compete with you.

Dynamic will race to a new platform to get distribution.

Race on and Race off of platforms.


Culture is Founder driven

Founder is Warlike, Aggressive

Founder is Competitive

Founder Psychology is driving Culture.

Wild Stallion Founders

Talent like horses.

Driving Extremely Hard

Make sure the Strategy is Correct.

Smart Founder, process of inspection.

Pattern Recognition of what is Successful

Found their own Companies



On a mission.


Team to be the force multiplier.

Noone regrets their time on the Bulls

Responded. Pushed. Leading.
Want the challenge