stateset-blockchain/ Stateset Abstract A web application layer on top of an interoperable decentralized, replicated, authoritative global state machine with minimal trust between nodes would allow for the creation of a distributed sales and finance automation network. Such a network would have many useful applications in global commerce and finance, insurance and more. We present Stateset, a distributed sales and finance automation network, and describe in detail how it achieves the goal of a globally distributed shared state for managing sales and finance operations. Stateset is built on 8 fundamental technologies; Cosmos-SDK Blockchain Application Framework, a UTXO based State Machine, Tendermint BFT Consensus Engine, Trusted Executable Environments (TEE) for Private and Verifiable Computation, IPFS for content addressed networking and storage, IBC for transport, authorization and ordering with other blockchain networks, Next.js and GraphQL API Engine.

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